Crypton® Live Clean

Crypton’s performance is integrated into every fiber.Crypton Logo

With its patented process, Crypton is leading the performance textile industry by being the only textile that is stain, moisture, mildew, bacteria and odor-resistant. Working with American mills to create fabrics woven to meet every superior performance criteria, and using an integrated, patented barrier that guarantees that nothing can penetrate Crypton to get through to the cushion, this Super Fabric is just that.

Crypton’s easy-to-clean fabric stays fresher and better looking than any other textile, and as such, there are over 70 million yards already successfully installed in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, health care facilities and other heavy traffic areas. In fact, Crypton is the preferred choice of Marriott, Hilton, Carnival Cruise Line, Kaiser Permanente, McDonald’s, and many more.

Known for its performance features, soft looks, and amazing pattern options, and available for indoor and outdoor use (Crypton In and Out,) this textile innovation from Crypton is now being used for consumer applications as well. With breathable, comfortable and durable fabric options that are unlike anything else on the market, it’s no wonder the applications for this fabric continue to grow.

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