Morbern Marine

Interior and Exterior Marine Vinyl, Polyurethane and Upholstery Fabrics

For more than four decades we've successfully collaborated with customers to provide uncompromising products and personalized service. Working closely with manufacturers and designers, Morbern delivers customer specific vinyl and vinyl upholstery fabrics unequaled in the Marine industry.

From research and development, to state-of-the-art equipment, to extensive distribution infrastructure, Morbern leads the way in custom vinyl solutions. Innovation and in-depth knowledge of special applications make Morbern the choice for discerning marine engineers and designers. From concept to application-friendly products, support services and marketing aids, our designers give our customers the competitive edge. We're committed to providing superior product technology, cutting edge design and unprecedented service to all Morbern customers.

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Visit our price list but remember – you can ask for any number of things and we might be able to help you  BUT do not view this web site as the last statement of what we sell